StaffModebukkit plugin to separate survival and moderation 3 months
antiwrapfrontend for the skychat 3 months
casualtf2-ladderbroken elo ladder for weekend TF2 lobbies 3 months
cutitoutMPV script to skip silence in videos 8 weeks
dotfiles~/.config/ 3 months
game-jam-basebase for your game jamming needs 3 months
garbagebotgarbage Discord bot 3 months
kblogstatic blog generator 3 months
keterrible text editor for playing with C++ 3 months
knetfediverse microblogging (not usable) 3 months
orl-pp-recomputerrecomputes performance points for o!RL 2 months
paint-squaresblock-pushing game 3 months
reversi.networkwebsite for playing reversi against other people (not usable) 3 months
shinshinkgsthe go board game, but converted to Discord emotes. don't ask why 3 months
soulmatededicated server for the Hollow Knight multiplayer mod 3 months
speak.bsome brainfuck code that breaks all interpreters :( 3 months